MSME Advertising Grant from MMW

After a week of evaluation, we are happy to finally announce the awardees of this advertising grant. Each awardee will receive a 2-month Mixel Nationwide advertising worth B$2,000.

We have selected the 14 MSMEs below, whom we believe are deserving of this grant.

  • Rimbun Suites & Residences
  • 1001 Entertainment
  • Kitsune Trading
  • Roze Rohaya Employment Agency
  • Poni Group
  • Naura Group
  • Mahkota Design BN
  • Rotuku Group of Companie
  • Al-Huffaz Management
  • Alam Mesra Employment Agency
  • Beep Digital Solutions
  • Simvolous Consultancy
  • Grominda Group
  • Track & Roll

Congratulations to all 14 awardees!

Terms & Conditions


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