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Terms & Conditions


Section (A): Background

  1. The MSME Advertising Grant (“the Project”) is a project organised by Mix Mediaworx Sdn Bhd (“the Organiser) that awards an advertising grant to shortlisted applicants.
  2. The application period for the Project starts on 20th May 2020 (“Start Date”) and ends on 20th June 2020 at 5:00pm (‘the Deadline”).
  3. Applications received after the Deadline (or such extended closing date determined at the sole and absolute discretion of the Organiser) or are damaged, corrupted, incomplete or illegible will not be accepted and will be disqualified.
  4. The Organiser may at its sole and absolute discretion extend the application period at any time without any prior notice to any party whatsoever. Unless otherwise varied to the contrary by the Organiser, any applications received during the extended period (if any) shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions set out herein which shall remain in full force and effect at all times.
  5. Shortlisted applicants (“the Awardees”) shall receive an advertising grant comprising of Mixel Nationwide digital advertising platform valued from BND $2,000.00 for a period of minimum two (02) months up to maximum six (06) months (‘Funding Period”) from the Award Date. The final advertising grant value and the confirmed Funding Period may vary from each of the Awardees subject to the final decision and discretion of the Organizer.
  6. The Awardees may use advertising grant for the objective(s) proposed by the Awardee during the submission only. The Awardee may seek permission from the Organiser to request for the use of the advertising grant for alternative objective(s), subject to approval.
  7. The advertising grant is awarded on an “as is” basis and is not exchangeable or sold for cash, credit, other items or voucher in part or in full and is non-transferable to any other person/company.
  8. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the Project mechanisms, withdraw or terminate the Project at any time at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notices to any person.


Section (B): Eligibility

  1. The Project is open to all Bruneian-registered micro, small to medium size businesses, with current operations running in full force (“Eligible Participants”).
  2. Businesses with ceased operations during the application period and the subsequent advertising grant period will automatically be disqualified.
  3. This Project is only applicable for businesses that have not engaged any media agency or media specialist services during application period and the subsequent advertising grant period.
  4. Employees of the Organiser, its affiliates and/or related companies and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the Project.


Section (C): Submission Requirements

  1. Eligible Participants are allowed to submit one (01) entry per company only. Businesses with multiple brand submissions will not be entertained.
  2. Eligible Participants must complete all the fields stated in the digital form available on the dedicated webpage at Incomplete entries will not be considered.
  3. The digital form must be in either Bahasa Melayu or English only.
  4. All entries must be the Eligible Participants’ original business and no part or component thereof is outsourced from any other business. The Organiser reserves the right to verify, or to require the Eligible Participants to verify, that the entry is the Eligible Participant’s original work. If an entry cannot be verified to the Organiser’s satisfaction, the entry will be deemed invalid and automatically disqualified.
  5. By submitting an entry, Eligible Participants confirm that they are the legal and/or beneficial owner or otherwise have the expressed consent of the relevant person and intellectual property rights to submit such materials. The entry and any part thereof shall not at any time infringe or violate any laws or the rights of third party. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify Eligible Participants at any stage of the Project period if the Organiser becomes aware of the infringement of this clause.
  6. Entries must not have been submitted to promote contests, competitions or sponsorship.
  7. Entries must not contain or reference any names, products or services of any company or entity or any third party trademarks, trade dress or promotion of any brand, product or services (other than the Organiser’s).
  8. Entries that are disparaging, defamatory, libellous, illegal, offensive, or otherwise contain inappropriate content or objectionable material should not be submitted and the Organiser reserves the right to remove or demand the Eligible Participants to remove such entries at any time in the Organiser’s sole discretion.
  9. By submitting an entry, Eligible Participants are to grant the Organiser exclusive rights of the copyright to use the entries submitted for library, promotional, or commercial use globally across media channels.
  10. Applications will be shortlisted based on subjective evaluations by the Organiser, dependant on the completeness of the digital form and relevancy of the answers provided. The Organiser’s decision is final, conclusive and binding. No further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence will be entertained.


Section (D): How to Apply

  1. Eligible Participants may peruse full details of the Project by logging onto the dedicated webpage at
  2. All submissions must comply with the submission requirements in accordance with Section C of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any Eligible Participant who tampers with the entry process, who submits an entry that is not in accordance with these terms and conditions or who has, in the opinion of the Organiser, engaged in conduct in entering the Project which is fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or generally damaging to the goodwill or reputation of the Project and/or the Organiser. This includes, but is not limited to, Eligible Participants and businesses using multiple email addresses, postal addresses, PO Box addresses or SIM cards to register single or multiple entries.


Section (E): Announcement of the Awardees

  1. The Awardees of the Project will be notified via email and SMS no later than 28th June 2020 or such other date as decided by the Organiser at its absolute discretion (‘Award Date”).
  2. The Awardees are responsible in providing the necessary content for Mixel Nationwide digital advertising platform within five (05) working days from the Award Date.
  3. If any of the Awardees are unable to comply in providing the necessary content for Mixel Nationwide digital advertising platform during the Funding period, the Awardee(s) in question shall be required to forfeit the advertising grant and the grant will be awarded to the next valid entry submitted in accordance with these terms and conditions selected by the Organiser. An email notification on forfeiting of the advertising grant will be served to the winner upon breaching of the Project terms and conditions.
  4. The Awardees are fully responsible for any injuries, damages or claims as a result of or arising from their participation in the Project and/or use of the advertising grant.
  5. All costs and/or any other related expenses that are incurred to the Awardees during the Funding Period are the sole responsibility of the Awardees.
  6. The Organiser’s decision is final, conclusive and binding. No further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence will be entertained.


Section (F): General Terms

  1. The Organiser will not be responsible or liable for any loss in connection with the Project, including, but not limited to the following:
    1. Any problem, loss or damage of whatsoever nature suffered by any party due to any delay and/or failure in receiving and sending the entry as a result of any network, communication or system error, interruption and/or failure experience by the participating internet line and/or resulting from participation or the downloading of any materials related to the Project. In the event of such error, interruption and or failure, the Organiser will not be responsible or liable for any failure by any Eligible Participants to participate in the Project at any time.
    2. Any problems, expenses, damages, losses, suits and claims of whatsoever nature against any Eligible Participants that may arise from or in connection with their participation in the Project.
    3. Any error (including error in notification of Awardees), omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, internet line failure, theft, destruction of, or unauthorised access to entries, PC hang whether or not arising during operation or transmission as a result of server functions, virus, bugs or other causes outside its control.
  2. By participating in the Project, Eligible Participants shall agree to appear on the Internet, in videos, photographs, or write-ups that may be used in advertising (any form of media) or other materials by the Organiser. Eligible Participants shall not be entitled to any payment for such use, or for any re-use; and acknowledge that all copyright, including the right to reproduce likeness or image shall belong to the Organiser absolutely; and to release and discharge the Organiser from any claims in relation to the Organiser’s use of likeness or image.
  3. The Organiser reserves the absolute right to disqualify any individual that it determines to be tampering with the entry process or the use of the advertising grant, to be acting in breach or potential breach of this Project’s Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, modify suspend or delay the Project in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
  5. By participating in the Project, all Eligible Participants hereby warrant that all statements personal details given are true, correct, accurate and complete and that they have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions of this Project and agree to be unconditionally bound by it.
  6. By participating in the Project, all Eligible Participants agree to defend, indemnify and hold the Organiser harmless from and against any suits, claims, losses, damages and expenses, including reasonable legal fees that may arise from or in connection with the Project.
  7. The Organiser reserves the right to change, amend, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions without prior notice and the Eligible Participants will be bound to such changes.
  8. Any Terms and Conditions applicable to the Project that is illegal, prohibited or unenforceable under any law or regulation shall be ineffective to the extent of such illegality, voidness, prohibition or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining provisions.

Section (G): Force Majeure

  1. The Organiser shall not be liable for any failure or delay in the supply or delivery of services where such failure or delay is wholly or partly due to any cause or circumstance whatsoever outside the reasonable control of the Organizer.
  2. Such circumstance includes, but is not limited to war, disruption of the Organizer’s utilities or infrastructure as a result of extreme weather events, natural disasters, strikes, lockouts, industrial disputes or unrest, government restrictions or transport delays, fire, power outages, failure attributable to hosting suppliers, breakdown of plant, theft, vandalism, riots, civil commotions, accidents of any kind or act of terrorism.



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