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MSME Advertising Grant is a project that Mix Mediaworx Sdn Bhd has set up to offer advertising assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises that have been impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.

Mix Mediaworx Sdn Bhd is a full-service creative agency that has a passion for turning ideas into action and a focus on elevating your businesses to the next level.

The Awardees of the MSME Advertising Grant shall receive one (01) advertisement slot on Mixel Nationwide digital advertising platform for a minimum period of two (02) months up to a maximum of six (06) months (‘Funding Period’). The Funding Period may vary from each Awardee depending on the proposal submitted and shall be determined after the Awardees have been shortlisted.

Mixel Nationwide consists of a network of digital standing screens displaying advertisements at 23 prime locations across the nation that helps business owners broaden their reach and get the maximum exposure they crave for their businesses. Businesses can also reduce the cost to reprint their advertisements since the advertisements will be digital.

The advertisement slot is set at maximum 30 seconds long.

The Awardees of the MSME Advertising Grant are responsible to provide their own advertisement content as an artwork (i.e. static) in JPG or PDF format, or as a commercial (i.e. video) in MP4 format so long as the content is not more than 30 seconds long.

Our Mixel Nationwide team adheres to the following schedule weekly:

  • Monday-Tuesday (‘Receiving Period’): Days to receive the advertisement content
  • Wednesday-Friday (‘Upload Period’): Days to upload content onto Mixel Nationwide

Awardees therefore can change their advertisement content every week during the Funding Period as long as they submit their content on Monday or Tuesday of that week. Any content received after the Receiving Period will be updated in the Upload Period of the following week.

The Awardees can only advertise content relevant to the reasons or objectives submitted in their digital form. If the Awardees need to change the reasons or objectives of using the MSME Advertising Grant, they would need to inform Mix Mediaworx Sdn Bhd at least five (05) working days from the Award Date.

You would need to complete the digital form located on our dedicated webpage at

MSME Advertising Grant is applicable for Brunei-registered micro, small and medium enterprises only. The definition set by the Brunei government for MSMEs are as follows:





1-4 employees

6-19 employees

20-99 employees


Businesses must not be engaged in any media agency or media specialist services during the application period and the subsequent Funding Period (if awarded).

The evaluation of the MSME Advertising Grant does not take into consideration the number of submissions received by the applicants. As per the submission requirement, applicants can only enter once. Therefore, we advise that you restrict to submitting only one entry to avoid being disqualified.

Nature of Business means the type of industry your business is registered in.

If all the fields on the digital form are not filled, your application will not meet the submission requirements and therefore be disqualified.

You may refer to the “Contact Us” section on our webpage at

The MSME Advertising Grant submission requirement requires that all interested applicants to apply online to avoid any prejudices or bias. We strongly recommend that you go through our webpage at containing all the necessary information you need to understand what the MSME Advertising Grant is about. You may also email us at if you wish to get more clarification.

The MSME Advertising Grant application is open from 20th May 2020 until 20th June 2020. Please ensure you submit your digital form before 5:00pm on 20th June 2020. Otherwise, we recommend you apply earlier to avoid being disqualified.

The Awardees will receive a notification from Mix Mediaworx Sdn Bhd via email that their application has been successful. Any applicants who did not receive an email by 28th June 2020 would mean that their applications were unsuccessful.

We thank you in advance for taking time and interest to participate in our first-ever MSME Advertising Grant project. While we take the time to focus on the current Awardees of our first grant, we will definitely consider conducting this MSME Advertising Grant on a yearly basis. Keep updated on our latest developments by following us on our social media accounts @mmwcreative @mixeladvertising.